Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fired for WHAT!? - 7/11/2012

Welcome to another installment of Fired for WHAT!?, the top termination stories from around the web:
  • Fired for saving someone's life - This story has been all over the mainstream media - a beach lifeguard left his spot to save a man from drowning in an un-lifeguarded area of the beach. His employer immediately terminated him (and a few others either left in protest or were fired for saying they would have done the same thing). Everyone has been offered their jobs back - although the lifesaver says he's not going back.
  • Fired for banning cell phones in yoga class - A yoga instructor who taught classes at Facebook claims she was fired for her no cell phones policy. A class member complained and the instructor got fired. Her termination notice reportedly says, "Unless a client requires us to specifically say no to something, we prefer to say yes whenever possible" (insert eye-roll).
  • Who wants to get fired? - A new website called We Know What You're Doing pulls certain publicly available Facebook posts. The topics include drug use, hangovers, phone numbers, and "Who wants to get fired?", which apparently pulls variations on the "I hate my boss" theme. Some are more colorful than others. For example, right now we have "Well I hate my boss, He's a little bitch If he keeps it up, I'll make him quit Or I'll go crazy I'm going crazy."
If you have a great termination story, let me know! You can drop a comment below or hit me on Twitter (@PhilipMiles).