Friday, February 15, 2013

Attorney Bills Time . . . for Billing his Time - COTW #130

The Supreme Court of North Dakota suspended an attorney for engaging in a number of questionable practices, including:
[F]ailing to timely respond to his clients' request for information concerning the status of the bankruptcy and for a bill; charging unreasonable fees when Kitchen's bill included an hour of time to retrieve the file from storage and six hours of time to prepare the bill itself; failing to maintain the requisite degree of documentation to permit identification of trust account transactions and the periodic balances on hand for each client; failing to submit the requisite records to the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation to assist in its investigation; and misleading the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation by suggesting on several occasions that he was sending the necessary documentation but later conceding that he did not have it.
I see . . . so seven hours to pull the file and prepare the bill!? Apparently that's frowned upon in North Dakota. I'm hardly an expert in 50-state law regarding the rules of professional conduct, but I can't imagine that flies anywhere.

HT: Legal Profession Blog - Billing Six Hours for Preparing Bill is Unreasonable.