Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor Employment Law Blawgdown

President Barack Obama nominated Second Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court today. This is a great pick for legal bloggers because she was: (1) a front runner whom bloggers had already been researching; and (2) an experienced judge with 6+ years in the Southern District of New York (S.D.N.Y.) and 10+ years in the Second Circuit (meaning she has tons of opinions to dig through!). It should therefore come as no surprise that the blawgosphere was locked and loaded!
  • This morning (at 8:53 am!), Michael Fox posted the results of a "quick search of the BNA labor and employment library." The entry provides a quick summary of 16 Second Circuit employment law opinions authored by Sotomayor. Mr. Fox additionally provides 30 S.D.N.Y. decisions.

  • Business Management Daily published a post praising Judge Sotomayor's "balanced employment law perspective." It includes a run-down of some of her notable decisions broken down by area of employment law.

  • SCOTUS Blog provided an extensive examination of Judge Sotomayor's "Appellate Decisions in Civil Cases." It goes well beyond employment law. If you're only interested in that topic, however, they have a lengthy section on "Civil Rights" that sticks to employment law matters.
If you don't want to dig through all of this for the "good parts" then I'm sure you can just wait and see which decisions draw the most criticism. It's a method I often employ on reading the 1-star reviews!

I'm sure this is just the beginning. If you have any recommendations for additional blog entries addressing Sotomayor and employment law then please drop a comment!

UPDATE: Nixon Peabody summarizes a few of Sotomayor's labor and employment cases. "A review of Judge Sotomayor’s decisions reveals numerous summary judgment decisions in favor of both employees and employers."

UPDATE (6/8/2009): The Employment Law Post: Sonia Sotomayor's Labor and Employment Law Record as a District Court Judge by John Phillips (thanks to @RossRunkel for the link).

UPDATE (6/12/2009): John Gallagher summarizes Judge Sotomayor's Employment Law Decisions. His summary is broken down by decisions in favor of employers and then decisions in favor of employees.

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