Thursday, May 7, 2009

Statement of Purpose and Disclaimer

Statement of Purpose
Lawffice Space, a not so subtle allusion to the movie Office Space, will provide the latest (not necessarily greatest) case law, statutory law, and current events from the world of employment law. This blog will contain a healthy mix of "blurbs" with excerpts and links along with more substantive posts similar to articles in mainstream media outlets. No agenda here, just the facts... OK, I have opinions and on occasion they may infiltrate my posts but I will try to maintain some semblance of journalistic integrity (unlike, ya know, journalists).

The intended audience will be: management who must confront these issues daily; lawyers who need to keep current; employees who want background on their rights under the law; and anyone with an interest in employment law issues. So if you are an employer, an employee, a lawyer, or anyone... check back often!

On the right (It moved! Look below the logo up top) you will find a space to subscribe via email. This way you don't need to come to Lawffice Space every day (though you should!), you can just get the posts in your "in" box daily. You will also see my latest tweets from (philipmiles; Follow me!). Also, under each post there will be an option to "Share" the post through services such as Digg. If you see something you like, pass it on!

I guess that's it for now. I suppose I should go find something to write about to get this blog started.

In short: Nothing on this blog is legal advice, and I am not your lawyer. Unless otherwise indicated, the views expressed in the blog entries are solely those of me, Philip Miles. Though I am an attorney at a law firm, said firm is in no way affiliated with this blog. As I am not your attorney, I owe you no duty and you have no privilege. If you post a comment here, it's publicly available. The entries on this blog are meant only for informational, educational, and occasionally even entertainment(ational) purposes.

If you need legal advice, contact an attorney.

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