Sunday, August 16, 2009 - Information Overdrive

The Department of Labor issued a press release announcing their new site - I don't even know where to begin with this thing; it's a mammoth project. The site is billed as:
"comprehensive information about programs and services to better serve more than 50 million Americans with disabilities, their family members, veterans, employers, educators, caregivers and anyone interested in disability-related information."
I'll just note a few points of interest for Lawffice Space readers:
  • The site offers information organized by 10 different topics, including Employment and Civil Rights (each of which contains its own subsection on Laws and Regulations).
  • You can also obtain information by state (or U.S. territory), including my state of Pennsylvania.
  • The site offers RSS feeds to which users can subscribe for updates regarding News, Events, each of the 10 topics (including Employment RSS and Civil Rights RSS), and individual states/territories (including Pennsylvania RSS).
  • As my readers know, I am on Twitter (@philipmiles); now, so is (@disabilitygov).
I've barely scratched the surface of this thing and must admit that it's a little intimidating. Ultimately, a web site of this magnitude will be judged by the ease of navigation and the ability to keep users informed of the latest developments. The organization by topics and states makes it easy to find the information for which you're searching, and the RSS feeds and Twitter account make it a snap (more accurately, a click) to stay in the loop.

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