Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lawffice Space on Facebook!

Ladies and gentlemen, it's official - Lawffice Space is on Facebook. Now I know what you're thinking, "Phil, I already subscribe to the Lawffice Space emails, subscribe in a reader, 'favorited' it in Technorati, and visit the web site 35 times a day... why should I become a fan of Lawffice Space on Facebook?" Great question!

First, there's some small chance you use Facebook more often than you visit Lawffice Space. This will allow you to see new entries from your Facebook account as though it were just another update from one of your old friends. Second, there will be some Facebook exclusive content! Nothing major (no Facebook-only posts), just little fun facts and updates. Third, it provides a way to engage. Not everyone is a fan of the comment framework for blogs and prefer the Facebook system. Finally, I hope to generate some conversation on employment law topics using the Discussions feature.

New Facebook apps are created everyday so who knows what crazy stuff will go on in the future... you do not want to miss out on the action! So become a fan of Lawffice Space on Facebook today!

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