Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lawffice Space 2.0

The latest Lawffice Space on Web 2.0 information can be found on the Web 2.0 Page (also linked in the header above).

A blog used to be a web site that people came to and read. Now it's fully integrated across web 2.0 with numerous ways to integrate feeds into social media. This page will track Lawffice Space across the web:

@philipmiles - This is my personal account. I use it for general legal micro-blogging (with an emphasis on employment law); occasionally drifts into STEELERS, PSU football, and current events.

@LawfficeSpace - All Lawffice Space all the time. The Lawffice Space feed is tied directly to this Twitter account so when a new post goes up a new tweet goes out. Occasionally I'll send out manual updates with Lawffice Space news (ex. When another blog links to Lawffice Space).

Also note that I have integrated the Tweetmeme button at the top of each entry. Click it to share with your own followers on Twitter!

Google Buzz
A well-kept Lawffice Space secret: I used to be a software developer. One of the most annoying catch-phrases of that industry was "bleeding edge" (like super-advanced-cutting-edge). Well, it doesn't get much more "bleeding edge" than Google Buzz which Google is currently integrating into Gmail. My Buzz account is currently linked to my personal Twitter account, the Lawffice Space RSS feed, Picasa (to share photos, though I don't upload many), and Google Reader (this will allow me to one-click share blog entries from others in Google Buzz).

New Lawffice Space entries automatically appear in your Facebook feed just like status updates, links, and messages from your friends. There are also special features like my photo album from my tour of the historical sights in Philadelphia, fun acts about Lawffice Space (like the origins of its name), and links to sites that mention Lawffice Space.

The Facebook widget also appears on the right-hand side of the Lawffice Space web site in the sidebar.

Also see, Lawffice Space on Networked Blogs, a Facebook app.

Note that I have integrated the Facebook Share button at the top of each entry. Click it to share an entry with your friends on Facebook.

Lawffice Space entries are integrated into my profile (though I believe only visible to my connections). I do periodically enter status updates with Lawffice Space entries as well.

Cornell LII
Cornell LII provides a free online lawyer directory. My profile includes my Lawffice Space feed, personal Twitter feed, and abbreviated online resume.

This is another feed aggregator. My FriendFeed includes my personal Twitter updates and is directly linked to the Lawffice Space RSS feed. I almost never manually update this account.

Miscellaneous Blog and Blawg Directories

This post will be updated periodically.

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