Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ledbetter, Compensation Docs, and Me on The Proactive Employer 4/2

On Friday, I confirmed with Stephanie Thomas that I will appear on her podcast, The Proactive Employer, on April 2, 2010. Per the official announcement, the topic will be:
"[C]ompensation decisions . . . [and] how the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act has affected recordkeeping and document creation and retention."
Did I mention the show will be LIVE!?

I don't want to show my hand too much but I have gone on the record regarding some of these issues. For example, in Employers Urged to Save Pay Documents, I am quoted as saying:
"Employers should be looking at how they document their compensation decisions, with an eye toward building a record that can be used many years down the line. Today's compensation decision could result under the Fair Pay Act in a claim several years down the road, and long after the people involved in the compensation decision have moved on. It may be the only thing they have."
And then, in Ledbetter Fair Pay Law Hasn't Flooded Courts, I'm again quoted:
"[It is difficult to] support your side of the story when you may not have the people or the documentation to support your side of the argument . . . . I would definitely say it's still an issue for employers and it's really going to be an ongoing issue . . . . It's something they're really going to have to continuously prepare for by creating and maintaining documentation."
Both articles appear in Business Insurance. That's just a sneak preview. Ms. Thomas and I will delve further into these issues on April 2, 2010. Be sure to tune in!

Posted by Philip Miles, an employment lawyer with McQuaide Blasko in State College, Pennsylvania.

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