Wednesday, July 21, 2010

House Rules: Sex, Cocaine, and Strip Clubs

Prepare to have all of your preconceived notions about Hollywood... completely reinforced! Yesterday, a former assistant on the set of the show House filed a Complaint in a Los Angeles Court (full Complaint here). The Complaint includes numerous allegations of debauchery on the set which the plaintiff claims amount to discrimination, hostile work environment, and other related claims.

One particularly colorful paragraph alleges that:
Plaintiff was harassed and disparaged . . . based on his refusal to go along with [his supervisors'] degenerate conduct, visits to strip bars, participation in getting drunk, stoned or intoxicated on cocaine, to participate in sexual conduct at the trailer, and other dangerous conduct.
The plaintiff also alleges his supervisors were drinking Tequila and getting in some target practice with throwing knives on set. And, of course, derogatory name-calling, sexual escapades on the set with co-workers, and "frequently talking about Sadism & Masochism."

In case you were worried, the Complaint also alleges that House was renewed for a seventh season. Although it sounds like the real action is taking place behind the scenes!

Notes: Complaint provided by TMZ (in case the giant 9-line high x entire page-width "TMZ" watermark wasn't a giveaway). And these are just allegations in a complaint. There has been no finding of liability or other confirmation of the allegations at this time.

Posted by Philip Miles, an employment lawyer with McQuaide Blasko in State College, Pennsylvania.

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