Monday, November 29, 2010

ABA Releases 2010 Blawg 100

It's that time of year again! The ABA just released its annual Blawg 100 for 2010. As usual, it's a great list of fun, informative, and just plain good law blogs. Also, as usual, there was one glaring omission... Lawffice Space! Oh well, maybe next year.

There is good news though... the latest Blawg 100 shows my immense impact on the selection process. For example, the ABA accepted "amicus briefs," recommending blawgs for the list. I submitted only one, and that one was on behalf of Jon Hyman for the Ohio Employer's Law Blog. Sure enough, he made the list for (I think) the first time! Why? Because he has a great employment law blog Because I recommended him no doubt.

Also, last year I took a moment to recognize the employment law blogs on the list. This year, the ABA included a separate "In Labor" category recognizing the top employment law blogs on the list. Coincedence? Definitely I think not.

Finally, the list includes Josh Blackman's Blog. And why is that? Because of his hugely popular FantasySCOTUS league and frequent con law updates he went to George Mason Law School with me, of course!

In all seriousness, congratulations to everyone on the list. I recognize a lot of the employment law bloggers from Twitter, so in the hopes of making this post actually useful in some way, here they are:
Lastly, a nod to the That's What She Said blog. Although it's listed in the Blawg 100 "For Fun" category (because it's hilarious), it also provides seriously useful info on employment law (Published on HR Hero which is on Twitter @HRHero).

Posted by Philip Miles, an employment lawyer with McQuaide Blasko in State College, Pennsylvania.

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