Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sexual Orientation Nondiscrimination Stalling at State and Local Level

Business Insurance magazine recently published an article, Most Anti-Bias Efforts Stall with Changes at State Level. Twenty-one states plus DC prohibit sexual orientation employment discrimination, but protection at the federal level is just about nonexistent (some vague/minimal protection through the Constitution).

In addition to state protections, some local municipalities also have sexual orientation nondiscrimination ordinances. This creates a disparity in protected classes from location to location. I provided some of my thoughts on the subject and was quoted in the article:
Philip K. Miles III, an associate with McQuaide Blasko in State College, Pa., said, "I think there's some argument to be made in having uniformity of the laws," without employers having to worry "about what is OK in one city and not another."
It's tough for employers to keep up when you have to know the different protected classes on a state-by-state and even town-by-town basis.

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