Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mean People Make More Money

More specifically, mean men make more money. Even more specifically, mean people make more money than nice people, and the difference in salary is greater when comparing mean vs. nice men with mean vs. nice women.

The conventional wisdom that "nice guys finish last" was confirmed in a recent study, Do Nice Guys - and Gals - Really Finish Last? The Joint Effects of Sex and Agreeableness on Income. From the abstract:
Sex and agreeableness were hypothesized to affect income, such that women and agreeable individuals were hypothesized to earn less than men and less agreeable individuals. Because agreeable men disconfirm (and disagreeable men confirm) conventional gender roles, agreeableness was expected to be more negatively related to income for men (i.e., the pay gap between agreeable men and agreeable women would be smaller than the gap between disagreeable men and disagreeable women). The hypotheses were supported across four studies.
I'll keep an eye out for legislation making "nice" a protected class...

In the meantime, enjoy this video on the study (click here if video not displaying properly):

Posted by Philip Miles, an attorney with McQuaide Blasko in State College, Pennsylvania in the firm's civil litigation and labor and employment law practice groups.

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