Thursday, September 15, 2011

Will the Unemployment Discrimination Bill Become Law?

Earlier today, I had a conversation with Judy Greenwald from Business Insurance magazine. We discussed the proposed law to prohibit discrimination against job applicants on the basis of unemployment status. She published an article: American Jobs Act would prohibit discrimination based on unemployment status, which includes my thoughts on the bill's prospects:
Philip K. Miles III, an associate with the McQuaide Blasko law firm in State College, Pa., said he sees little chance of the proposal's passage, either as a free-standing bill or as part of the overall jobs act. The proposal "essentially creates a new protected class and also creates a new litigation risk for employers seeking to hire employees," he said.
"I think Congress would be very hesitant to increase risks in the hiring process because it may have some chilling effect on businesses' hiring, and of course there's a very partisan divide" over any White House proposal right now, Mr. Miles said.
Check out the full article for more information on the "Fair Employment Opportunity Act" - and feel free to come back and mock me mercilessly in the comments if the bill becomes law!

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