Monday, January 30, 2012

Most Outrageous Employee Excuses

A quick post to kick off the week here at Lawffice Space. CareerBuilder released the results of its latest survey regarding excuses employees use for coming in late. The most common excuses were pretty standard . . . traffic, weather, kids. But, they also noted the most outrageous excuses of the year.

My favorites are:
  • Employee's cat had the hiccups;
  • Employee got distracted watching the TODAY show; and
  • Employee said he wasn’t late because he had no intention of getting to work before 9:00 a.m. (his start time was 8:00 a.m.).
The full list is worth checking out. Something tells me these are the same people who have "I Ran Out of Sick Days So I Called in Dead" stickers on their desks . . . .

Image: That's my cat, Merlin . . . he has never had hiccups - but I'll have to remember that excuse ;-)
Posted by Philip Miles, an attorney with McQuaide Blasko in State College, Pennsylvania in the firm's civil litigation and labor and employment law practice groups.

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