Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lawyers Ruin Pinterest!

Well, that didn't take long. Just the other day, I was blogging about the Top 5 Signs that Lawyers Should Know About Pinterest. Apparently they know about it, and they've informed the WSJ law blog How to Use Pinterest Without Breaking the Law. Let me summarize:
Don't pin anything, unless it predates 1923 or it's a picture you took yourself . . . unless the picture features a celebrity with your product in which case you may need permission.
Have fun! OK, a little tongue in cheek - in all seriousness, many social networking sites raise intellectual property concerns. The WSJ piece offers some helpful insight. Employment law tie-in: Employers may wish to address these intellectual property concerns in their social media policies.

HT: Eric Meyer via Twitter.

Image: Pinterest logo used in commentary on Pinterest (that's fair use, right?).

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