Thursday, March 22, 2012

Miles on Disconnecting from Social Networks

Just confirmed: I will be appearing at the Harrisburg University Social Media Summit on May 23, 2012. Mark your calendars, and register now! Some of you will be surprised to hear that I will be on the Unplugged: Disconnecting from Social Networks at Home and Work panel.

A social media guy like me discussing the benefits of disconnecting? I actually spend a lot of time hitting the downside of social media on this blog, and certainly there is a case to be made that disconnecting is a good idea. To hear that case, come to the panel!

Some of the "social media evangelists" remind me of this great scene in the movie Summer School. The father of one of the jocks supports the summer school teacher under fire and says (paraphrasing): "He taught my son that there's more to life than just football!... I'm not sure I agree... but it's possible." There's more to life than just social media... you don't have to agree... but it's possible.

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Image: Harrisburg University logo used in commentary on upcoming event.

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