Tuesday, March 27, 2012

PLRB Decisions Available Online

The Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board (PLRB) decides cases under the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Act (mostly limited to small businesses not covered by the NLRB) and the Public Employe (only one 'e' at the end... not sure why) Relations Act (PERA). Once upon a time, when you wanted to research PLRB decisions you would have to go to the library and look in these things called "books."

Fortunately, the great state of Pennsylvania has made PLRB Final Orders available online (here). There's a search box and everything! It looks like coverage goes back to 1999. They also have Forms, Proposed Orders, Fact-Finding Reports, and other publications. I have found this useful in researching PA labor issues and thought I'd pass it along. Enjoy!

Image: Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry logo used in commentary on PA DLI - NOT OFFICIAL USE.

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