Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fired For WHAT!? - 4/22/2012

Welcome to a new feature on Lawffice Space: Fired for WHAT!? I think it's self-explanatory... a collection of the best firing stories from around the web.
  • Teacher fired for appearing in porn. Highlights: The investigation began when the intermediate high school students told administrators they had seen their science teacher in porn movies (while just scouring the Internet for study aids, no doubt); the admins couldn't find the video because the schools computers were filtered; but never fear, some teachers found it using their mobile phones (just trying to help out with the investigation, I'm sure). HT Casey Sipe via Twitter DM - FYI, he has an employment law blog worth checking out: The Employer's Lawyer.
  • Secret Service scandal. You have probably already heard about this one, but have you seen the call girl in question? The scandal reportedly broke after an agent tried to pay her $28 for $800 worth of, ahem, "services." Here's some free advice: When travelling on business, avoid hookers. You're welcome.
If you have a great firing story, let me know.

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