Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fired for WHAT!? - 5/2/2012

Welcome to the second installment of Fired for WHAT!? - the best employment termination stories from around the web.
  • Fired for giving boss a kidney? - Stephanie Thomas (The Proactive Employer) covers the details. In short: a woman donated her kidney to her boss, and then got fired. I'm sure there's more to the story . . . but from the employer's PR perspective, there had better be A LOT more! See also Chris McKinney's coverage.
  • Fired for "Liking" Gay Facebook Page - Jon Hyman brings us the story of a man who used Facebook to "Like" the "Two Dads" Facebook page. After his manager found out, the man claims his performance reviews went down the tubes, his manager made derogatory comments about his sexuality, the manager sent him religious emails, and then ultimately the guy got fired.
  • Everyone is fired via accidental Reply All - We've all seen it (maybe even done it) - you want to reply to one person via email, but you accidentally hit Reply All. Now, imagine sending a termination email intended for one person, to all 1,300 employees! Whoops. Lesson 1: Always check who you're sending emails to. Lesson 2: Don't fire people via email (not clear whether the intended recipient was already aware of his/her departure in this case or not).
Let me know if you have a great firing story. Also, I started using the #Fired4WHAT hashtag on Twitter - so, use the tag and maybe you'll get featured here.

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