Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fired for WHAT!? - 7/24/2012

Welcome to another installment of Fired for WHAT!? - the best termination stories from around the web:
  • Standing on Lettuce - Huh? A Burger King employee posted a picture of himself on 4Chan . . . at work, standing in the lettuce bins. Plus side? Employers are now aware that 4chan exists. Also, they tracked the guy using the geo-tagging on the images. This story has tech lessons for all!
  • Setting Fire to a Nuclear-Powered Submarine - This will not just get you fired, but carries the possibility of prison for life. "[The employee] said he set the second fire (I forgot to mention there were two fires) after getting anxious over a text-message exchange with an ex-girlfriend about a man she had started seeing . . . . He wanted to leave work early, so he took some alcohol wipes and set them on fire outside the submarine." What could go wrong?
  • Bestiality and Child Molestation - Nothing funny about this one - it is not so much a "fired" as a "not hired." Honesty at a job interview will get you a few points . . . but despicable acts like this will cost you about a billion points. He didn't get the job, and now faces criminal charges.
Let me know if you have an interesting termination story and, if you're lucky, it might get featured on a future installment.

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