Friday, August 3, 2012

Dry Cleaning Insufficient, Recommend Burning - COTW #103

WARNING: Adult Content - and one of the more disturbing Cases of the Week. The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports Attorney Accused of Masturbating in Law Firm Associate's Office, Fouling her Belongings. Um, yeah, "fouling" is putting it mildly. Needless to say, a lawsuit followed

In her lawsuit, she said she noticed stains appearing on a dress she had left hanging on her office door, and on the fabric covering her chair. She "initially thought that she must have dropped some food item on her chair and hadn't noticed it happening," her attorney Peggy Vallejo of Covington wrote.
More stains appeared over time on the dress and on the carpet, she alleges.
In August, she noticed her dress "was literally covered," causing her disgust and leading her to throw the item away, according to the lawsuit. The following Monday, she found a new stain on her office chair and alerted the office manager, who in turn notified the property managers who determined the substance was semen, according to the lawsuit
. . . . .
The property managers advised her to keep quiet, and the office manager hid a motion-activated camera in her office and hung another dress on her door, according to the lawsuit.
The lawsuit alleges [the attorney] was captured on video going into her office on Saturday, Aug. 27 and soiling the dress.
Criminal charges are now pending as well.

Note: In this country, we are all innocent until proven guilty; and everyone has the right to due process. Per the article, these are just allegations at this time.

HT: My Mason Law classmate, Jamie Gregorian.

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