Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lawffice Links - NLRB Social Media Ruling Protects Defamation?

The NLRB continues to assault address employers' social media policies with a recent ruling that appears to protect defamation. Huh? The employer's policy prohibited online postings . . . "that damage the Company, defame any individual or damage any person's reputation, or violate the policies outlined in the Costco Employee Agreement."

I baked a fresh batch of Lawffice Links to mark the occasion (warning: employer-side bloggers are not happy):
I have yet to see a strong defense of this decision, but I'm a man of the people . . . got a link to someone who supports the ruling? Drop a comment.

UPDATE: Not really a defense, but Seth Borden hit me on Twitter with his take: National Labor Relations Board Issues First Decision Striking Down Employer's Social Media Policy.

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