Thursday, September 6, 2012

Live! Today! I'll be on The Proactive Employer webcast.

The Proactive Employer
Hosted by Stephanie Thomas
of Thomas Econometrics
Tune in to The Proactive Employer at 3:00 EST today to hear Your Most Challenging and Bizarre HR Questions Answered! We'll be covering some great issues, such as smelly employees, street drugs, and employees in Playboy. I will be joined by some of the best employment law bloggers in the game: Jon Hyman, Robin Shea, and Eric Meyer. Stephanie Thomas hosts. Tune in, and call in if you have a question.

Disclaimer: We will not be issuing legal advice, but discussing challenging issues for entertainment and educational purposes. If you seek real legal advice, contact an attorney who will research your question, be familiar with your jurisdiction, and not just give you off-the-cuff banter on a call-in show.

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