Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lawffice Links - Labor Law Bonanza!

What happened!? Suddenly labor law stories are dominating the mainstream media, so I cooked up some fresh Lawffice Links to mark the occasion:
  • Michigan becomes a "right to work" state - Michigan becomes number 24. "Right to work" laws generally prohibit mandatory union membership and dues.
  • Right to Work Map - Shows a map of the U.S. indicating which states are right to work states. Click on a state to view its right to work legislation. [Note: Link goes to Right to Work advocacy org.]
  • Drinking Chrysler Employees Reinstated - Remember those auto-workers the medica caught drinking and "apparently" smoking dope on their breaks? Through the magic of labor arbitration, they were reinstated.
  • Saints Bounty Players' Suspensions Revoked - Former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue heard appeals from the Saint players accused of participating in a bounty ring. They allegedly had a pool of money and the pot went to whoever took out the opposing quarterback. Well, their suspensions were just revoked.
  • Steven Crowder Punched at Michigan Protest - Alright, I admit it . . . I'm a closet Red Eye fan. You can watch video of the frequent Red Eye guest getting punched in the face at the link.
Did I miss any hot labor stories? Drop a comment and let me know. Also, don't forget to VOTE FOR LAWFFICE SPACE in the ABA Blawg 100!

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