Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fired for What!? - Armani, Ketchup on Cheesesteaks, and Peeing Too Much

The first Fired for What!? of 2013 is a triple feature! Enjoy:
  • Impersonating Armani on Facebook - "A Marion County Deputy was fired Wednesday for pretending to be fashion designer Giorgio Armani on Facebook and using the account to pick up a teenager, an internal investigation released Thursday shows." The article is a little unclear, but it sounds like he used the "Armani" account to convince a girl he was a fashion model so he could sleep with her - sadly, it apparently worked. (HT: @Eric_B_Meyer).

  • Peeing Too Much - Amazingly, an employer allegedly terminated a pregnant employee because she was taking too many bathroom breaks during her pregnancy. We probably all agree that this is terrible practice, but is it unlawful? Generally, employers are not required to provide pregnant employees with accommodations - but they are required to accommodate pregnancy-related conditions that constitute disabilities under the ADA. These are tough cases for both sides - my take is that employers should just be reasonable and provide simple accommodations like bathroom breaks. (HT: Jennifer White).

  • Sandwich Artist Threatens Customer Over Ketchup - Gawker has a funny defense of a Subway "Sandwich Artist" who was ready to throw down to defend the integrity of . . . the cheesesteak!? When a customer tried to get ketchup on his cheesesteak, the employee allegedly kicked over a chair and tried to fight him. He also told him "there's ketchup three aisles down" - get your own ketchup! I'm going to side with the employer on this one.
Never a dull moment!

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