Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Top Posts and "Case of the Week" for 2012

After a brief blogging hiatus over the holidays, I'm back for 2013. Before I officially kickoff the 2013 blogging, let's see what sold in 2012 (and by "sold" I mean the blog entries drawing the most hits)

The most popular entry of the year was EEOC and NLRB Tag Team Workplace Investigations. It's easy to see why this was so popular - it had the two big federal employment law agencies, a new development in enforcement strategy, and it impacts something that almost every employer does from time to time - workplace investigations.

Falling just a few clicks short of the title was the Saved by the Bell Employment Law Blog Carnival. What can I say? People love the Bell! Of course, it didn't hurt that it was a blog carnival featuring great posts from many of the best employment law bloggers out there (and I'm sure they helped spread the word).

Finally, I would like to recognize the top "Case of the Week" for 2012. In a runaway, it was Is Your Job Too Hard? File a Lawsuit! (COTW #100). Before you quit your job and run to the courthouse, read the entry. The plaintiff's claim is a little more complicated than the title lets on.

I hope you enjoyed 2012, and I'm looking forward to 2013. Happy new year!

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