Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fired for What!? - Don't Lick the Mashed Potatoes (& More!)

Here are three quick Fired for What's!? to get you through the week:

Don't Lick the Mashed Potatoes - A KFC employee was fired for posting a picture of herself licking (or pretending to lick?) a bin of mashed potatoes on Facebook. Random gripe: State College no longer has any KFCs. This has greatly diminished my quality of life. Could somebody please rectify this problem?

Voting for Obama - An Ohio woman filed a lawsuit claiming that she was fired right after the election because she voted for Obama. I'm not sure that's even a valid cause of action - but I guess we'll find out.

Bitter Barista - A Seattle coffee shop fired an employee over his blog, It's pretty much a list of random gripes and digs at customers from the barista's point of view. Ya mean the coffee shop didn't like that? Shocker. In his defense though, it's actually pretty funny.

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