Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fired for What!? - "Fat Butt Obama", CarlyCrunkBear, and 10% to God

I think this may be the best Fired for What!? lineup of all time - although, in the interest of full disclosure I must note that two of them are merely "suspended for what's" right now.

10% to God - A pastor, upset that an 18% gratuity had been suggested on his Appelebee's bill, reportedly wrote on his receipt "I give God 10% why do you get 18." The waitress posted it to Reddit and was later fired. This is just social media for employees 101 - don't mock customers online, especially by sharing information that most people consider private.

"Fat Butt Michelle Obama" - Hey, don't shoot the messenger! I'm just telling you what a high school football coach was recorded saying in his classroom. The school suspended him for 10 days.

Carly Crunk Bear (may not be safe for work) - She's a teacher who was suspened over her Twitter account, but apparently she is extremely popular with her students. I wonder why? Maybe it's because her Twitter account includes topless photos, marijuana references (and a picture of what looks like a joint), and an instant Internet classic - a photo of her doing a bizarre headstand in her underwear. Apparently naked women and pot are popular amongst high school kids . . . who knew? The saga has spawned the Twitter hashtag #FreeCrunkBear.

Free slang lesson for the day: "Crunk" is that special kind of buzz you can get only by smoking marijuana ("chronic") and getting drunk. Chronic + Drunk = Crunk.

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  1. During the coach's rant, Michelle Obama was called a "big fat gorilla" (by someone in the background), and the coach made negative comments about "queers." I'm not surprised nor upset by his suspension.

    I feel kind of bad for the waitress who was fired over posting the receipt, however.