Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fired for What!? - Trayvon Target Practice?

A single Fired for What? to start the day. A police officer was fired for bringing Trayvon Martin-looking targets to a firing range. The targets were faceless black silhouettes of someone wearing a hoodie and holding a beverage and a pack of skittles. In his defense, the police officer posted a video on YouTube claiming he was using the targets as "no-shoot training aids."

As someone who played a lot of shooting range video games growing up - I find this possible. The games would have targets pop up of angry guys in camo holding machine guns and you were supposed to shoot them . . . but be careful because some of the targets would be people holding flowers (or something like that) and you would lose points for shooting them. Whether that's what the officer was really using the targets for . . . I have no idea.

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