Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fired for What!? - Butt-Dialing Gone Bad and You Want It, You Got It!

Welcome to a two-for-one Fired for What!? double feature.
  • In Act One, we have a case of butt-dialing gone bad. A Papa John's employee accidentally (and unknowingly) called a customer to whom he had just delivered a pizza. The customer's voicemail picked up the employee's racist banter (listen to recording here) and inappropriate "opera" (let's just say Figaro does not start with an N). Papa John's fired the driver and his co-worker.

  • For Act Two, we have a case of "you want it, you go it!" An employee posted on Facebook (parental advisory - explicit lyrics coming): "I don't bite my [tongue] anymore, FUCK . . . FIRE ME . . . Make my day." You'll never guess what happened . . . he got fired! Oh, that is what you guessed? My bad. The NLRB issued this advice memorandum concluding that the employee's rant was not protected concerted activity.
For more on the NLRB's decision, check out Jon Hyman's Rolling Stones-filled post, “Fire me. … Make my day” does not equal protected concerted activity (thank god); and Eric Meyer's post, Employee posts "FIRE ME...Make my day..." on Facebook. And guess what?

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