Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What am I Reading? - Shelfari

Once upon a time, I had my Amazon Reading List on my LinkedIn Account. Sadly, LinkedIn "upgraded" and completely killed off the Reading List. And yes, I was VERY bitter . . . especially because my Reading List completely vanished (after I spent years tracking all of my reading).

Great news! Amazon acquired Shelfari, and included an option to import old LinkedIn Reading Lists. So, the answer to the title of this post is that you can check my Shelfari "shelf" at any time to see what I've read, and what I'm reading.

I'm currently reading The Price of Justice. A book that tracks Caperton v. Massey Coal from trial through SCOTUS (opinion here). Some marketing company sent it to me out of the blue. I had absolutely no interest . . . but I took it home and left it on my dining room table, assuming it would just be clutter. One evening I picked it up, and I was immediately hooked. I absolutely love it (aside from the free copy, I received no compensation . . . I just genuinely enjoyed it).

Feel free to browse my shelf. I try to mix ideological perspectives. I read Justice Scalia's book on Constitutional interpretation, and then Justice Breyer's opposing/alternate take. I also read a lot of economics ranging from Hayek (Austrian school) to Friedman (Chicago) to Marx (communist) to Thaler and Sunstein (the latter, a former Obama advisor). I find that competing perspectives provide a fuller picture.

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