Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Iowa Supreme Court to Reconsider "Irresistible" Firing

Guess who's back? In the first Lawffice Space Case of the Week for 2013, I covered the Iowa Supreme Court ruling that an employee "may be lawfully terminated simply because the boss views the employee as an irresistible attraction."

Well, I guess the Court couldn't resist her either. The Iowa Supreme Court is reconsidering the case, relying on previously submitted evidence and briefs. According to this Des Moines Register article, this is only the fifth case in the last decade to get such a review.

If you're wondering what the woman in question has been up to since the Court's decision - you can start with this Tosh.0 web redemption (Warning: It's Daniel Tosh, so it may be offensive, inappropriate, NSFW . . . but always hard-hitting legal analysis).

For more coverage of this case, check out Eric Meyer's post on The Employer Handbook.

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