Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Where Can Employers Find "Beautiful" Employees?

Hey hiring managers, have you ever thought to yourself, "these applicants are okay . . . but I wish they were hotter"? Well, I have great news for you! This website will actually help you recruit "beautiful" employees, because as we all know:
An attractive face is always a great first impression for any business.
In fact, that's their actual tagline.

But, be careful - there are a lot of weirdos on the Internet. So, the company includes a disclaimer:
BeautifulPeople has initiated a cursory screening of businesses and individuals who have posted submissions. We strongly advise that you thoroughly research the company/individual before submitting an application.
While this post has largely been a joke - as far as I can tell, the Beautiful People website is 100% serious.

Are there legal risks? Sure - off the top of my head: the objectification of the "beautiful" recruits could lead to harassment; I'm guessing (without researching this at all) that the site trends toward certain protected classes (potential disparate impact claims), and some employers might only demand "beautiful" employees of a certain gender (disparate treatment).

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