Thursday, October 24, 2013

Conde Nast Cuts Internship Program

Last year, I blogged about Unpaid Internships Under Attack! One specific case I cited was a lawsuit against magazine Harper's Bazaar, published by Hearst. More recently, I blogged that unpaid interns on the set of Black Swan had actually prevailed on their FLSA claims.There have been several lawsuits filed by unpaid interns seeking compensation, including some claims against publisher Conde Nast.

Well, guess what? Conde Nast publications will end their internship program beginning in 2014. I suspect many employers will view their options as: 1. Kill the internship program; 2. Pay the interns; 3. Keep free interns and eat the litigation costs if they arise. There is another option though. Employers with unpaid internship programs could ensure compliance with the DOL guidance on this issue. The problem, of course, is that many of the programs in place do not comply, constraining the employers' options.

HT: Josh Blackman.

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