Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fired for What!? - My Little Brony and Hot Housewife

I haven't done a Fired for What!? in awhile . . . so let's do a double-feature!

  • My Little Brony - A man claims he was fired for coming out to his co-workers as a brony. Don't know what a brony is? Watch this short YouTube clip. In short: a 'brony' is a grown man who watches My Little Pony (Bro + Pony = Brony). It's probably not a protected class, although maybe you could put together a colorful (very colorful) gender stereotyping claim . . . . 
  • Hot Housewives - A woman claims she was fired after appearing on the cover of Playboy's Hot Housewives issue. She has filed a lawsuit claiming that she received permission to do the shoot beforehand. Can an employer fire an employee for appearing in Playboy? Probably (unless the employer treats men and women differently in this regard). Can the employer give her permission to do it and then fire her? Well, now you might have a promissory estoppel issue. 
Correction: Yesterday, I erroneously listed the oral argument date for Harris v. Quinn as November 13, 2013. In fact, it has not been scheduled yet. My bad (I misread the listing I was using). The corrected information now appears on the post.

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