Friday, December 6, 2013

Fired for What!? - WeedBurger and Tom Brady Pics

Welcome to the Lawffice Space Fired for What!? weekend special - buy none, get two free:

  • Tom Brady pics - Two security guards at Reliant Stadium in Houston were fired for posing for innocuous pictures with Tom Brady. Best comment from the story: "So instead of firing Kubiak & Schaub they fire 2 security employees. [Now] I see why we (Houston Texans) are 2-10." - Deon Thornton. Ouch.
  • WeedBurger - A Wendy's employee was fired for misplacing her marijuana joint . . . in a customer's cheeseburger. (HT: Eric Meyer via Twitter - Bonus points for hashtagging it #FastFoodJoint).
So, my PSA for the day is "Don't do drugs at work." Another invaluable lesson from Lawffice Space.

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