Friday, January 10, 2014

Publishing Disciplinary Actions on Twitter

Just a quick post to introduce readers to Police Chief David O. Brown. He announces disciplinary actions and terminations (and the basis for them) on Twitter. For example:
I have terminated 911 Call Taker Moises Limon today for driving while under the influence and not reporting his arrest to his supervisor.
To his credit, he does appear to note that the employees have certain civil service appeal rights.

So, is this a good idea from a legal perspective? My biggest concern is that the information may turn out to be false. Then you're flirting with some type of defamation or interference with economic opportunities tort action. From a non-legal perspective, he runs the risk of being perceived unfavorably. This apparently is a concern of his as he does not like being called . . . I'll let you scroll to the bottom of the linked story to see (parental advisory).

HT: Derek Bottcher, my fellow Mason Law classmate and attorney, via email.

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