Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Comment on Ganulin . . . from Ganulin!

Around Christmas, I often blog about Ganulin v. U.S., the constitutional challenge to Christmas as a federal holiday. See. Is a Christmas Federal Holiday Constitutional? and Christmas and the Constitution. The posts have generated some nice dialogue, and I encourage people to chime in with their comments.

Well, I never expected to get a comment from the plaintiff, Richard Ganulin, himself! He sent me an email recently, noting that he came across my blog entries. He provided me with a very well thought out retort to my blog entry - his petition for writ of certiorari to the United States Supreme Court (available online here)(yeah, I realize he didn't draft it in response to my blog entry).

 He also directed my attention to James Kilpatrick's article on the case, Our Constitutional Christmas. Mr. Ganulin conveyed that he is not obsessed with the case, but still feels very passionately about the issue. He also thinks that removing the federal holiday would be beneficial to those who celebrate because "their holy day would again be holy."

I was very excited to receive his email, and continue to find this issue interesting.

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