Tuesday, February 25, 2014

EEOC Charge Data and Chart FY2013

Earlier this month, the EEOC released its charge statistics through FY2013. The headline is a no-brainer: total charges dropped by almost 6%. As you can see in my handy dandy chart, charges dropped across all of the major categories:

However, my chart does not show retaliation claims. Retaliation charges actually increased. Retaliation claims have increased every year since FY2005. GINA claims also increased this year, but there were still only 333.

One thing that sticks out about the drop in charges is a disproportionately large drop in sex discrimination charges. I have no theory about what's causing that - but sex discrimination charges dropped by almost 9% to the lowest number since FY2007.

I will have some more commentary on the EEOC and the charge stats in an upcoming spot on Bloomberg (don't worry, I'll shamelessly plug it when it runs so you won't miss it).

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