Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Yoga Instructor "Too Cute" for Playmate and Husband

So, a yoga instructor filed a lawsuit late last year claiming she was fired for being "too cute." The defendants are a playboy playmate and her husband. I know, I know, you want to see the goods. Well here you go (it's a link to the Complaint, what else would it be?).

If for some reason you want to see pictures of the parties, they're here. And no, not *those* pictures. You can find those yourself (but they probably require a subscription).

The lawsuit is framed as a gender discrimination/sexual harassment lawsuit. The plaintiff basically claims she was fired because the playmate was jealous and suspected something was going on between her husband and the yoga instructor (which she denies).

Does this sound familiar? I think we have Iowa case law on point here. Remember the "irresistible" dental assistant? The Court concluded it was lawful for an employer to fire a woman because his spouse was concerned about the nature of their relationship.

That's not binding on New York courts (where this lawsuit was filed) though. The defendants here argue that terminating someone for "attractiveness" is not illegal (but you already knew that because you clicked the link with the pictures).

Maybe the "too cute" yoga instructor, the "irresistible" dental assistant, the "too hot" banker, and the "too busty" data entry specialist should start a non-profit to protect the extraordinarily attractive in the workplace. Or perhaps lobby for legislation on this issue . . . .

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