Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Those Bieber Depo Clips . . .

What kind of law blogger would I be if I didn't pass along these priceless video clips of Justin Bieber's deposition?

I don't know what kind of depo prep he went through, but I generally include a portion I call "don't be an *sshole" (except I frame it professionally and courteously of course). The gist of it should be pretty obvious: the deposition "counts" as testimony and anything you say may find its way in front of a judge and a jury so don't come off as a jerk.

In Justin Bieber's case: Mission NOT-Accomplished.

Here's one clip (embedded - email subscribers should just click the link above to view online).

Closest thing I could find to an employment law tie-in:

ATTORNEY: Have you ever disciplined [name]?
BIEBS: Disciplined? What kind of question is that? Is he my son?

No Biebs, sometimes you have a duty to supervise your agents, employees, etc.

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