Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Fool's Day Prank Gone Bad

The Internet was filled with April Fool's Day jokes yesterday. Like this one from Onward State: The headline is Pitt Graduate Finds Employment, Success in Life . . . the article is two words: "Just kidding." Zing! I'm glad the Penn State-Pitt rivalry is alive and well even if the football teams no longer play.

Some pranks were a little over the top though. Ya know what's probably a bad idea? Texting your family from the college where you work stating that you heard gunshots and are hiding in the bathroom. Yup, it happened.

Police swarmed the campus, and the texter was charged with "creating a disturbance." No word yet on employment disciplinary action. File this "lesson learned" away for next April 1: don't make false claims about shootings at your workplace (goes double if you work at a school).

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