Thursday, April 17, 2014

What conduct prompts a $2 million same-sex harassment settlement?

What in the world does an employer have to do to find itself in a position where signing a $2 million settlement is its best option!? Well, according to this EEOC press release:
The EEOC charged a former lot manager, James Gallegos, under the direction of Charles Ratliff, Jr., then general manager, with subjecting a class of men to egregious forms of sexual harassment, including shocking sexual comments, frequent solicitations for oral sex, and regular touching, grabbing, and biting of male workers on their buttocks and genitals.
Wow. Sorry I asked.

I'm guessing almost all employers know not to bite their employees' genitals. But this case serves as a good reminder that same-sex harassment happens, and it can create enormous liability.

Image: EEOC seal used in commentary on EEOC. Not official use.

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