Saturday, August 9, 2014

New Adventure: Teaching Employment Law at Penn State

In about two weeks, I embark on a new adventure. I will be teaching Employment Relationship: Law and Policy (LER201) at the greatest university on the planet - Penn State. Don't worry, I will still be working full-time at McQuaide Blasko and blogging here.

From time-to-time, I'm sure we'll cover something in class that I deem blog-worthy. So, stay tuned for some old school employment law posts (really old school - we're covering Lochner and Schechter Poultry in the first two weeks), and some modern stuff as well. I'll also be posting some of the course materials on my Google Drive folder, PSU LER201. You can check out the syllabus here. We'll be using David Walsh's Employment Law for Human Resource Practice for the textbook (although much of the class will be based on case law)

Feedback welcome - if you have thoughts on the syllabus, drop a comment. I'm looking forward to the semester!

Note for students: Do NOT rely on Google Drive for course materials - use ANGEL.

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