Monday, September 15, 2014

Fired for What!? - Judge Loses Job Over Social Media Posts

Eaux Neaux! Say it ain't seaux, judge! The top Arkansas court recently dismissed a trial court judge for inappropriate comments on social media. The judge, who went by the name geauxjudge (oh, now the first two sentences make sense) made a number of colorful posts online.

Above the Law has some of the dirt here. It's probably not a good idea for a judge to offer to be Charlize Theron's "baby daddy" and comment on her appearance at a court hearing - that goes double (probably more like 1000x) if you are the actual judge presiding over the closed adoption hearing in question.

How can women maintain a successful marriage? Well, the good judge has some tips on that as well:
Men have two needs. Feed me and f*<k me. Take care of both we will be good. Whichever one you don't then the man will find.
He sounds like quite the charmer.

Ordinarily I'd launch into some kind of sermon about the Internet not being as anonymous as you think - but this guy barely even tried. I mean, he has "judge" in his handle, and commented on his own cases. It probably wasn't that hard to put 2 and 2 together.

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