Friday, September 19, 2014

Remember that Job You Had 11 Years Ago? Well Good News!

In 2003, CNN replaced its unionized subcontracor with a non-union labor force. Well, the NLRB ruled in part that CNN was a joint employer, violated the NLRA by failing to bargain over this reshuffling, and acted with anti-union animus. More importantly (to CNN at least), the NLRB ordered CNN to hire a couple hundred of the union members to their old positions (or substantially equivalent positions).

Now, you may be wondering - when did this NLRB decision come out? 2004? 2005? Ummm, try Monday of this week. You can read the decision here.

This just goes to prove the old saying, "the wheels of justice grind slow." Don't be surprised if CNN pursues further appeal of this and it drags on still further.

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