Monday, January 12, 2015

A New Semester of Employment Law

The students have returned to State College and it's time for another semester at Penn State. I will once again teach LER 201 - The Employment Relationship: Law and Policy. The course covers everything from the Lochner Era of Supreme Court jurisprudence to protected social media activity under the NLRA.

I had hoped to blog a lot more about the content of the course last semester. As it turns out, creating a 3-credit course is hard - so I spent a lot more time putting the class together than sitting back and reflecting on it. Now that I have the course materials generally created (there will still be some tweaking here and there), I will have more time to blog about the material. Of course, I will still blog about current events and all the regular old Lawffice Space stuff too.

I uploaded this semester's syllabus to the publicly accessible PSU LER201 Google Drive folder. You can also check out the slides for Class 1. I also created the blog tag PSU LER to easily identify blog posts that directly relate to the course. Of course, no law class would be complete without a clip from The Paper Chase:

Here's to a great semester of employment law!

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