Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lawffice Space - Now on CaseText

I am excited to announce that CaseText now features content from Lawffice Space. What is CaseText, you ask? Well, it has text... from cases. And much, much more. The site has a lot of community-sourced info (it's like crowd-sourcing but the "crowd" is limited to people awesome enough to make the cut into the community... at least that's what I'm telling myself).

Community members can upload annotations, blog entries, briefs, etc. CaseText also provides sub-communities within the site. So, you can easily check out the latest Employment Law content (they have a wide selection ranging from Tax Law to Maritime Law).

Another cool feature is that the site will link cases to commentary. So, for example, I recently wrote this post about the Third Circuit's analysis of unconscionable arbitration agreements in Nino v. Jewelry Exchange, Inc. If you check out the page for that case in CaseText . . . go ahead, I'll wait . . . now look to the right and you should see my blog post linked to that case. Pretty cool, right?

So far, my only complaint is that they've only imported my blog entries going back to October 2014. I hope this thing catches on because there's a lot of potential.

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