Sunday, February 1, 2015

Commerce Clause Over the Past 100 Years

Great news! I started a Vimeo feed! So far it consists of... well, just one video. The video tracks the commerce clause cases that I cover in my employment law course at Penn State.

The first part of the course covers case law demonstrating the early restrictions on the government's power to regulate the employment relationship. Most notably, the "liberty of contract" and Commerce Clause cases. Feel free to enjoy the video in one 25-min. sitting, or break it up by watching it in parts (Part I - Pre-1937 (0:00) Part II - 1937, The "Switch in Time" (7:48) Part III - 1937-Present, Wickard to "Obamacare" (12:15)).


The Past 100 Years of the Commerce Clause from Philip Miles on Vimeo.

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