Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fired for What!? - Rejecting Creepy Surveillance

An employee filed invasion of privacy, wrongful termination, and other California state law claims against her employer based on its creepy smartphone surveillance (Complaint here). The woman claimed her employer required her to install Xora, which includes a GPS function, on her phone. She further alleged that her boss required her to keep her phone on "24/7", and told her that he would monitor her even during off-duty hours right down to how fast she was driving at any given time. When she uninstalled the app, she got fired.

There are often good reasons for GPS surveillance of on-duty employees, but "24/7" tracking seems a bit much.

HT: My colleague, Dave Weixel, who emailed me this article: Sales Exec Claims she was Fired for Removing App that Allowed her Boss to Track her 24/7.

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